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At EPED Inc., we bring together a professional and enthusiastic team to develop medical image software, medical and dental educational software with Optical Space Location Technology as the core. We present the most adaptive and customizable navigation solutions with world-class accuracy. Together with surgeons and professionals, we strive to maximize the values of smart healthcare and to lead the future of minimally invasive surgery industry.

Optical Space Location
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3D Dental Imaging
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Core Technology

The core key technologies of our company are "3D optical space location technology", " Dental Imaging Software", "Multiple applications for dental surgery and training," and "Individualization". Our company has independently mastered the 3D optical space location technology, and the tracking system possesses the following features:

​1.Own design、2.Safety、3.Precision

A comprehensive dental navigation system must combine medical images such as 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) for image interpretation and 3D model data reconstruction. This, coupled with the development of software interfaces and the establishment of a handpiece and drill database, enables real-time tracking of the relationship between the drill and the patient's anatomical position. Consequently, surgical procedures in areas not directly visible are no longer reliant on experiential operation and judgment, thereby enhancing the safety and success rate of surgeries. The system meets the demands of physicians for minimally invasive surgery and represents an intelligent, precise, and minimally invasive medical solution.

To achieve precise optical tracking and real-time guidance functionality, our company has developed optical calibration tools with accuracy surpassing the requirements of clinical surgical navigation. Each set of shipped products must undergo precise optical calibration processes using these unique and critical procedures. After calibration, the optical components can meet the precision requirements of the optical system, allowing users to display accurate auxiliary guidance screens during actual operations.

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