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Oral Healthcare Training System

The oral healthcare is closely related to many chronic diseases, and developing good oral healthcare habits is an important topic in preventive medicine. Pvix is the world's first interactive training system that extends the application of AR and VR technologies to the field of oral healthcare. It is specifically designed for healthcare departments, long-term care training institutions, and elementary school-age children. Utilizing the proprietary 3D optical space location technology, EPED Inc. offers a variety of toothbrushing software courses. With this interactive simulation system, trainees can develop correct oral healthcare and self-care skills.

Pvix Oral Augmented Reality Oral Health Training System

The Pvix Oral system is the world's first interactive AR augmented reality simulation training system for oral healthcare. It uses optical positioning technology to track toothbrushes, interdental brushes and sponge brushes equipped with optical positioning elements, with Bass tooth brushing technique and simulation food residue and dental plaque cleaning course software, the trainer immediately learns the scores of operation gesture, angle, strength and cleanliness after the real-life simulation, which can instantly improve the effectiveness of oral cleaning training.


Built-in training courses of tooth brush, interdental brush and sponge brush to convey oral health trainings.


Simulation of food debris and dental plaque.

Pvix Oral Kids Augmented Reality Oral Health Training System

Pvix Oral Kids is a digital AR oral health training system for educating while entertaining elementary schoolchildren. The system utilizes optical tracking technology to locate and follow a toothbrush equipped with an optical positioner, and a Bass tooth-brushing technique that allows school children to simulate the cleaning of food debris and dental plaque through an oral hygiene software course.

The built-in courses use fairy-tales like situational content for teaching, letting the school children to learn the right way of brushing teeth within the context of a story. After training, the software provides accurate feedback with the result of the cleaning work, and according to the score, the software grants different story roles for the young students to enhance their sense of participation. 


Digitalized training of Bass toothbrush technique.


Story-based training course.

Pvix VR Virtual Reality Oral Healthcare Training System

The Pvix VR training system is equipped with a portable, wearable optical device that utilizes motion recognition and positioning technology and built-in virtual interactive software to assist in the self-training of future oral healthcare providers.


Students are immersed in a virtual three-dimensional (3D) environment as soon as they put on the optical 3D glasses or VR headset. The interactive software simulates diverse ability levels through the simulation of different actions. Students can learn standard procedures of oral healthcare, and their skills are evaluated through an automatic assessment process.

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