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SimEx Plus

Digital Dental Clinical Training Solutions

SimEx is the leading brand of dental AR (Augmented Reality) simulation training system. It is the only system offering a digital dental education and training program for both dental schools and dental hospitals.


With dental education and clinical technical training available, specialties include Operative Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, etc. Skill sets in dental clinical operations are fully trained through preparation training, prosthetic design, implantation training, and more. Through the interactive system of computer simulation, the dental practical operation course is integrated into the digital dental clinical training center.

Basic Specialty Training

3D digital interactive real-time training provides real-time feedback of angle, depth, and flatness of the preparation. This digital training system also records the trainee's practice process while simultaneously assisting the trainees to be proficient in the dental clinical operation, and self-learning. The evaluation is made faster and more objective by implementing rich and diverse basic training courses and incorporating the computer assessment system.


3D real-time interactive preparation simulation training.


Automatic computerized evaluation system.

Digital Prosthetic Design

By incorporating the EPCAD software, the trainees are allowed to further execute digital prosthetic design and its planning process. They will learn Veneers,  Inlay, Onlay, and Crown & Bridge along with the digital prosthesis of the CAD digital denture design process, to complete the digital dental education training program.


Adjust denture's position and depth.


Design connectors to pontic.

Advanced Specialty Training

Implantation and other specialty trainings are further expanded upon with preparation training and prosthetic design. By utilizing dental models dedicated to the system, the trainees can follow the STL file exported from the intraoral scanner equipment to perform crown, implant, and abutment designs to finish preoperative planning. The optical navigation system simulates the implant surgery and feedback is given on the drill's location, depth, and angle in real-time. This allows for the dental student or dentist to be familiar with the clinical operation before the actual procedure.


Plan the location of implant.


Feedback the drill's location, depth, and angle in real-time

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